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Institut für Markentechnik

Consulting Portfolio

The Institut für Markentechnik offers a wide range of consulting projects and management tools, each based on our Markentechnik methodology.


Markentechnik is the specific approach to manage a brand – as a company’s most important competitive weapon and most valuable asset – in a manner that increases its profitability and safeguards its value over the long term. In all its external relations – from suppliers to retailers and ultimately to the clientele – the brand’s position can thus be strengthened and placed on secure and solid grounds.


For a general overview of the consulting portfolio offered, please click on the respective subject to download a brief project description.


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The Genetic Code of the Brand®


Determining the complex success pattern of the brand and making it manageable in day-to-day business

Brand Constitution®


Establishing rules for all brand-related activities

Dynamically Streamlining the Product Range


Reallocating the company’s resources to support the strongest products

Brand Architecture


Building and managing complex brand portfolios to achieve maximum competitive strength

Getting Prices and Terms under Control


Regaining control of where most of the money is lost


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