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Institut für Markentechnik

The Institut für Markentechnik Genf (Geneva)

As an international business consultancy for strategic and operational brand management, the Institut für Markentechnik enables its clients to strengthen and consolidate their brands to achieve sustained profitability – especially under the conditions of today's fiercely competitive markets.


The analysis and management methods developed by the Institute capture the complexity of brand systems and provide management with the means to manage this most valuable asset of the company in a consistent yet dynamic manner. This approach safeguards existing corporate values and supports the evolution of the brand.


Depending on the particular problem, the Institute uses specific programs that, based on the individual situation of each brand, enable the realization of a company's strategic and operational goals.


The Institute conducts research to continuously develop the theory and methodology of Markentechnik. Newly gained knowledge is fed into consulting projects and is communicated through talks, corporate seminars and publications.


At its management seminars in Geneva, the Institute provides a limited number of participants with the opportunity to learn the most important fundamentals of Markentechnik. Every June the Institute holds the Internationales Markentechnikum®, the Geneva conference on brand management.


All consulting services offered by the Institut für Markentechnik are designed to meet three essential criteria:


  • They strengthen the brand's value-creating ability in a sustainable manner.
  • They leverage the brand's energy to gain and secure its competitive advantage.
  • They become directly effective in day-to-day business.


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