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Institut für Markentechnik


Markentechnik is the ability to use brands as a competitive instrument in order to drive profitability and secure value.


Brand energy that has been built up over decades enables companies to remain ahead of the competition and to sustainably achieve higher prices for their products. In today’s fiercely competitive environment, however, these intrinsic strengths remain largely ineffective because brand behavior is controlled by outside forces. Companies have to fight against external influences more than ever before.


The Geneva-based Institut für Markentechnik has developed a set of strategies designed to counteract such ill-conceived policies which can put a company’s survival at risk. In close cooperation with its clients, the Institute therefore develops solutions tailored to the needs of each individual company that are then implemented in the marketplace. For brands are only effective weapons and remain a corporate asset if the specific circumstances of each case are taken into account and the respective strategies are implemented consistently in day-to-day business.


For its brand analysis, consulting and coaching activities, the Institute can also rely on the insights gained in its own brand research.


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